The Beacon Club Loyalty Program

The most meaningful club to be part of!

The Beacon Club recognizes your commitment to saving lives throughout the year by celebrating your milestones.

Every time you donate blood, your lifesaving gift brings you closer to another milestone, and most of all helps another patient in our community.

Donate Blood or host a blood drive and you are automatically part of The Beacon Club to:

  • get recognized on social media and our e-newsletter.
  • receive milestone gallon pins
  • be celebrated at your local donor center for your big milestone
The Versiti Beacon Club

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Mariah and Chris Roberts
The Beacon Club for Blood Donors
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Denana Edwards
The Beacon Club for Ro Blood Donors
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Harlow Millies, leukemia survivor and platelet recipient.
The Beacon Club for Platelets
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Smiling blood drive host standing next to a Versiti mobile bus.
Beacon for Life
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